Everest Base Camp Trek

Tara Dharel 15-May-2019

Welcome and Greetings!!! Travelers across the globe welcome to this Land of Himalayan Mountains. The experienced and highly enthusiastic trekking guides and exquisite trekking and tour itineraries prove Nepal Hiking Trek as the responsible trekking agency of Nepal. Witness the magnificent superlatives Mountains. Observe the authentic multi-ethnic culture and traditions. Trek the trail less explored. Relish the wilderness adventure. Nepal offers natural and cultural wonders. Visit Nepal and be part of the prolific Himalayan nation. Nepal Hiking Trek is relentlessly working towards achieving Sustainable Tourism in Nepal. The team of highly professional trekkers supports the idea of eco-friendly rural Nepal trekking. The team is effectively led by the Taralal Dharel (Hari). Mr. Dharel is the experienced and government license holder trekking guide. He has trekked almost every trekking trail of Nepal. From Everest region to Annapurna region and Manaslu region to Langtang along with the off the beaten trekking trails have been explored effectively by him. There are numerous expeditions and trekking voyages which have been successfully completed in the expert leadership of Mr. Dharel. Behold and let go all your confusions. Book the trip with the Nepal Hiking Trek. Impeccable hospitality and quality service are the highlights of the trekking packages of the company. The company is led by academic personnel. Eventually, the itineraries are prepared after thorough research. The experience and academic background have helped to create the classical trekking routes and off the beaten trekking trails. If you wish to experience the alternative destinations and popular trekking regions of Nepal then Nepal Hiking Trek is the reliable traveling companion. After the earthquake of 2015, Nepal and Nepalese people are working very hard for the nation’s rebuilding. Your mere visit to this ravaged yet beautiful nation would be stepping stone for the reconstruction of Nepal’s architectural and rural landmarks. Therefore, travel to Nepal and choose the trekking agency wisely. Nepal Hiking Trek would be your trustworthy trekking and tour companion....

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