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4 Incredible Structures Built Underwater

alokdev 01-August-2019

Water lovers have always dreamed about getting involved in marine life more Water covers more than 70 of the Earth and it became somehow logical to start building constructions underwater at some point Now living underwater or spending a great time of the day underwater seems like something completely normal thanks to modern technology and architecture Today we are talking about 4 incredible structures built underwater that will make you astonished at a glance 

1 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant the Maldives You don t have to be a scuba diver or a snorkeler to visit the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant This amazing structure is rated as the most beautiful restaurant in the world and it is the first undersea restaurant Situated at the luxurious Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Ithaa restaurant gives you an unforgettable experience of dining surrounded by beautiful coral gardens colorful tropical fish turtles and sharks You can enjoy the privilege of having dinner or lunch in an intimate atmosphere as there are only 7 tables available If you feel like experiencing the underwater ambiance with a 180 degree sea view and tasting some of the 80 mouth watering delicacies from a contemporary European cuisine then Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is a place you should visit Is there a need to mention that this pleasure will cost you around 500 Oh but it is totally worth it.

 2 The Silent Evolution of MUSA Cancun The Silent Evolution of MUSA Cancun Underwater Museum is a creation of Jason de Caires Taylor an award winning sculptor MUSA is one of the most popular underwater museums in the world and welcomes about 750 000 snorkelers and divers per year It is the world s largest underwater museum also De Caires wanted to approach the fragile ocean life to the human eye so he created 400 life sized sculptures The sculptures seem like they are frozen in time and you can read different emotions from their faces This all creates a dramatic but stunning effect at the same time Jason de Caires wanted to blend nature and art so that he sculptured people from all around the world that is why there are so many visitors to the museum Underwater society of the Silent Evolution carries a strong and deep message that whole society will assimilate into marine life That is according to Taylor the metaphoric image of the future of our species If you have a passion for scuba diving and you appreciate art The Silent Evolution of MUSA would be a great priceless underwater adventure for you

 3 Subsix Niyama Maldives Have you ever thought of clubbing underwater If your answer is yes then you must hear more about Subsix underwater nightclub and restaurant Located 6 meters above the Indian Sea this stunning structure leaves the visitors speechless You can have a glimpse of submarine life while drinking cocktails and dancing to the sounds of your favorite songs It doesn t matter what the time is the party never stops at Subsix Underwater glowing parties are a true underwater experience Enjoy under the dancing lights illuminating the ocean astonishing corals and tropical fishes swimming around Visually outstanding Subsix tricks our senses so easily Once you get into it the mirrors surrounding the area will reflect marine life from all angles Once you sit in the anemone inspired chair you wouldn t want to give up that relaxing rubber fingers massage Shell ceiling arrangements make a final touch that will make you feel as if you were in an undersea jungle Take on your flip flops grab your drink and seal a kiss to that shark watching at you.

4 Water Discus Hotel Dubai Right next to the greatness of Burj Al Arab Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah stands the incredible Water Discus Hotel in Dubai This futuristic structure is above and underwater luxurious disc shaped construction The underwater section has 21 two person suites a bar with a view of the beautiful.

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