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4D Ultrasound Scan The Latest Trend in the Pregnancy Care

ANMOL SETHI 22-October-2019

During pregnancy, mommy-to-be usually get two scans. But, with the continuous progress in technology, it’s now feasible to view a little bit more of your baby they are born by choosing to pay for a 4D scan also to these.
How does a 4D scan work?
An ordinary 2D scan utilizes Ultrasound Gurgaon to see your baby that leads to a flat grainy grey image that shows your baby in the womb. A 4D scan utilizes the same principle of ultrasound yet merges sections of 2D images to make a 3D image that can view moving real-time (including the 4th dimension to the scan).
At what stage of pregnancy should I have a 4D scan?
A 4D scan will basically be done when you are between 26 weeks to 32 weeks into your pregnancy. Earlier than 26 weeks, your baby won’t have grown sufficient fat to clearly view features, while any later than 32 weeks your baby may have moved position ready for the big day and hence, it will be tough to view their features and face.
What will a 4D scan show me?
One of the best reasons for having a 4D baby scan is the level of information it will show you of your baby, in real-time. Based on the position of the babies, you can see their face features such as mouth, eyes, and nose. Additionally, you will be able to see them yawn, stretch, wiggle their fingers and even stick their tongue out if they are feeling very cheeky.
Seldom, you might see that your baby is not in a perfect position to view what would you like to view. In these instances, the sonographer may recommend you to go for a brisk walk and get back to do the scan again.
What are the advantages of a 4D scan?
The advantages of having a 4D scan will differ relying on your circumstance. For a few mommy-to-be, they are interested to have a 4D scan to obtain a better image of their baby and how it is developing and also, the added magic of viewing their small child one moving around in real-time in the womb.
Additionally, these are medical advantages of a 4D scan with the sonographer have the ability to check your baby’s development, the position of your placenta and its appearance, the amount of amniotic fluid, the development of the bladder, stomach, and kidneys.
Will it ever be suggested that I have a 4D scan?
There may be a moment where you may be suggested to have a 4D scan. These include the following:
There might be a couple of events where you may be suggested to have a 4D scan. These incorporate the accompanying:
• If you’re feeling an abnormal pain and need more checks to see how your baby is developing
• If you’re experiencing bleeding or spotting
• If you’re still uncertain of the due date as well as need a clearer idea of growth
• If you have a history of ectopic pregnancy or early miscarriage
Are there any reasons not to have a 4D scan?
Scans are painless and have no identified effects for mum or baby – although if you are ready to pay for a 4D Ultrasound in Gurgaon, then go for it undoubtedly!...

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