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Best Apache Spark Scala Training Institute in Electronic City eMexo Technologies

eMexo Technologies 21-September-2019

Why to enroll in Apache Spark & Scala at eMexo Technologies, Bangalore?

Apache Spark & Scala at eMexo Technologies, has something special other than better facilities and the best faculties – Vision. Our syllabus includes elaborate classes on Big Data, HDFS and YARN which are useful in other domains as well. We will also teach you other apache components like Pig, Sqoop, Flume etc which will be useful in your Hadoop career. Our staffs are well experienced and helping minded. Our infrastructure is top-notch and provides you the latest versions of Hadoop and its tools for practice. Our support team also installs Hadoop on your personal laptop if you need to practice at home. We also arrange for video conferences and webinars with industry leaders to maximise your exposure to software industry. We provide unmatched placement support with 100% placement assistance. We also provide guidance to our students to clear Cloudera Developer Certification exam.
The first and most important aspect to consider is that Hadoop yields scalable results. Nodes of new data can be incorporated into the computer cluster whenever such a need arises. And the good news is- this can be done without any data format change or modification in the process of loading.
Hadoop is extremely cost-effective. With Hadoop, large volumes of data can be stored on huge computer clusters. As a result of which, the price per terabyte of storage gets reduced considerably. So, modeling all your data becomes incredibly affordable with Hadoop.
Hadoop also offers amazing flexibility. It allows data of different types and from different sources to be joined or aggregated, which in turn enables a deeper analysis of the same.
There are occasions when you might lose a node. In such a scenario, Hadoop enables the system to forward work to a separate location of the data so that the work of processing can be continued unhindered. And that is probably the reason why Hadoop is considered one of the most fault tolerant data handling tools available in the market today.
Hadoop helps businesses in their day-to-day operations.
It also helps generate new product ideas.
Companies also use it to carry out marketing analysis apart from conducting research and development.
Processing text and images become easy.
It makes the entire data handling business agile.
Network monitoring has been made feasible by hadoop.
Hadoop paves your way to a successful career....

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