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Find complete real jewelry making process

alokdev 02-August-2019

Find a complete real jewelry making process 

first of all once any customer visit any jewelry manufacturer or want to make jewelry of

his/her choice or idea then those company follow work procedure-:
1>Take Client requirements and understand:-every company takes client requirement and needs

like what types of jewelry they want like siver jewelry, fashion Jewelry,imitation Jewelry or

gold Jewelry.these are some forms of jewelry.
2>Cost Estimation:-
once client confirmed their designs then company gives rough idea for costing and all aspect of

pros and cons of those designs if they manufacture .
3>confirmation for work start:-
after costing and company initial procedure client will give final confirmation to the company

for start their work.then it goes next phase. 
4>Make 3D design(CAD ):-
here company make a digital model of those designs which client confirmed with help of CAD

Computer Aided Design) software.then software provide a quality image of those designs. 
5>Print Wax Model-3D:-
after cad work completed now its new phase is 3D-WAX Model with help 3D printing machine which

is made out of resin, which almost doesn’t take more than 48 to 50 hours.

In the next step, the jewelry goes through the casting process.. At this stage, your piece

starts looking more like the jewelry you might see in a store. The wax is melted away and is

replaced with your metal of choice in molten form, usually gold, silver, or platinum. The metal

then dries into the shape on your jewelry. This technique is called “lost wax” casting. 
this process is most important becouse its take 3 days to 3 weeks.in this phase
final fabrication takes place and then your jewelry goes to main structure of

ring,necklace,pendant etc. after this mounting is performed.
8>Stone Setting:-after success of assembly work stone is set with jewelry if needed or


9>Polishing, Finishing:-now completion of stone setting it goes to polishing or finishing

phase.in this phase jewelry is polished carefully then it goes to next step. 
after polishing it will goes for final quality check team and they checked with all aspects and

then they confirmed that it is good or bad. 
These are the process of jewelry making which almost every company follow.

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