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How Long To Design A Custom Engagement Ring


How Long To Design A Custom Engagement Ring? 

Many factors come into play when
creating an overall timeline for a customized engagement ring. Some examples
include access to stones, intricate design, review period and cost. This
process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. Below we’ve
broken down a typical timeline of the logistical process to give a better
understanding of the amount of time, energy and effort that goes into creating
your perfect ring.  


Step 1: Engagement Ring Consultation.

This is where you’ll set up an appointment with the jeweler and discusses
designs, output, and next steps. Having your background information, budget and
projected timeline as soon as the first consultation can guarantee smooth
sailing for the remainder of the process. 

Step 2: Select The Ring’s Stone

This can be done in addition to the initial consultation or done afterward.
This is where you discuss with the jeweler what stone your partner may prefer
for their ring. 

Step 3: See A Digital Rendering

Depending on the jewelers
 timeline (staff, outsourcing, etc) it may take anywhere
from five days to two weeks to see an online CAD rendering of your customized
jewelry piece. From here, you either give your ok and move forward, or go back
and forth until the ring fits your creative vision. 

Step 4: Mock Ring Design

Once the digital rendering is given the ok, the jeweler will then create a mock
ring, typically made from wax. It’s here where you’ll be able to feel and
interact with the ring in person. Just like the creative process with the
digital rendering, you’re allowed to give creative feedback and alter if need

Step 5: Engagement Ring Casting

The final step! Once the mock ring is given your stamp of approval, the ring is
then cast in your metal of choice with your desired stones. 

Know Your
Engagement Ring Lingo

Before you walk into your
consultation appointment (step one), it may be wise to brush up on some
engagement ring terms. For a brief lesson on common terminology, we’ve provided
a glossary below: 

  • The 4Cs Standing for Cut, Clarity,
    Color, and Carat.

  • Round Cut Comprising of 58 facets, this
    popular cut of stone gives the ring a dazzling sparkle. 

  • Cushion-Cut a
    rounded (or softened) square-shaped stone often referred to as a pillow
    cut diamonds.

  • Princess-Cut a
    perfectly square stone, this particular cut engagement ring is one the
    most popular.

  • Pear-Cut Otherwise known as teardrop,
    this particular cut.

  • Emerald-Cut A
    wide rectangular stone with dramatic edges.

  • Oval-Cut As the name sounds; this
    particular cut of the stone reflects a perfect oval shape. 

  • Marquise-Cut an
    oval-shaped stone with pointed edges.

  • Accent Stones
    Associating stones that surround the main stone on each side (on the

  • Halo an encasement of stones that
    surround the main stone.


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