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Top 12 travel stories of 2018

Lakshmi Sharath 01-March-2019

I have promised myself that I will focus more on content this year So while I was planning my editorial calendar I also realized that I would like to get back to simple stories While elaborate travel guides and to do lists are usually the norm I want to go back to story telling These stories are short and focussed with a little bit of research and will remain in the travel food and lifestyle genres I am also getting back to travel diaries not just narratives but simple and informal travel journals And also look out for some people stories as well I realized that these may not be SEO friendly but I dont want my blog to focus only on SEO based keywords Having said that I have started understanding the true essence of keywords as well As travel bloggers and content creators we are constantly looking at wider audiences and that is where I believe keywords come in It gives me a peek into the minds of my audience as I understand their specific needs when they are planning their travels Irrespective of whether they are arm chair travellers or active travellers catering my content to their requirements works as a good strategy So to begin with I looked at my own analytics to understand what kind of stories worked for my existing readers in 2018 And I was surprised to find a massive variety from ghost stories to people stories road trips to traditional eateries Only 30 of the stories in the top 12 were from the previous years while the rest of them were written in 2018 The page views varied from 10000 50 000 per story So here are the top travel stories of 2018 based on readership...

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