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Which Hangar Doors is Right for You

ovhal 17-January-2020

Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors:

Bottom rolling hangar doors are ideal for very large applications. Because these hangars are usually very high, lift doors are definitely not an option due to shear weight. There are very few things that can cause problems with this type of door, so they are units without power. A powered rolling door is probably the simplest powered or assisted unit with a large electric motor that powers the drive wheels using a simple direct chain drive.

Hydraulic Swinging Hangar Doors:

Hydraulic swing doors have great potential. The concept is simple. Lift the entire door assembly from the vertical (closed) position to horizontal (fully open). An important feature of this type of door is that it must be relatively lightweight. Lifting the door in this way requires a lot of hydraulic pressure, so the weight must be minimized. The manufacturer of these doors does not specifically state this, but it makes sense that these hangar doors are most often used in environments that do not experience chronic high winds. Hydraulic swing door pivots to lift the door so it does not retract into the hangar when open

Sliding Hangar Doors:

Sliding hangar doors are the only option for large aircraft hangars, and their owners need to plan accordingly. If hangar owners are building new hangars for small and medium-sized aircraft, hydraulic swing doors are a very attractive option. They are virtually quiet and only need one person to operate

Bi-Folding Hangar Doors:

Bi-Folding doors have been on the market for many years and work very well. They are not well suited for business aircraft and are not efficient in vertical space, making them ideal for general aviation. However, opening the door using heavy nylon straps or steel cables requires much less maintenance than a hydraulic system. The main advantage of this design is that it is cheaper and easier to operate than hydraulic systems.

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