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Why Gel pens are great for coloring

elkos pens 10-October-2019

Want to give your coloring an extra boost? Try using gel pens on your next artwork! Creative strokes and patterns add texture and depth to your coloring sheets. Fill spaces with stripes, polka dots, swirls, geometric patterns, hatching (parallel strokes), crosshatching (perpendicular strokes), and stippling (small dots) to make coloring pages pop.

The water-soluble ink used in gel pens apply smoothly to the paper providing a thick, opaque finish similar to paint. This means that coloring with gel pens produce a vibrant color with much less pressure applied than ball pens. Gel pens produce a smoother and brighter color finish with virtually no bleed through even the thinnest paper.

Gel pens have nibs similar to a ball point pen, this means that they can produce extra fine coloring details and color tight spaces with ease. The smaller nibs give extra control, making gel pens, particularly good for applying texture and embellishments to the coloring pages.

Finally, gel pens come in a range of styles that produce different finishes, some that simply can’t be achieved using colored pencils or felt tipped pens. Some of the popular ones are:
Glitter gel pens are like paint pens with very thin tips. The gel dispensed is subtly sparkly and sheer, drying to a raised, glossy finish. Glitter pens not only produce bold colors, but also add a little sparkle to your coloring page.
Vibrant neon ink colors make your writing and artwork stand out and look great under a black light.
Metallic gel pens offer a shiny effect to the ink that works great on dark colored paper as the metal shines through.

If you are looking for a great finish, wide range of styles and a respected brand name, then Elkos Gel Pens should definitely be on your list for consideration....

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